3 Brake Techniques That You Need To Know For A Perfect Stop

Brakes are one important component in a vehicle that serves to stop the speed of the vehicle. Just imagine if the vehicle that you are riding in does not have these components or even damaged, it will certainly cause fatal accidents that cause death.

Based on a press release obtained from Daihatsu, Brakes are generally divided into two, namely Brakes that have used ABS (anti-lock Brake System) and non-ABS features. Therefore, drivers are required to recognize various safety features that are embedded in their cars in order to know the correct braking method so that it does not cause accidents that can be fatal.

Brake Techniques For A Perfect Stop

The following are 3 braking techniques that you can use for vehicles that use non-ABS brakes or without ABS features, including:

Treshold Technique

It is one of the braking techniques that is done by holding the pedal pressure at 90% (floating) or in other words not to lock the position of the vehicle so that the tire can still be deflected easily.

Stab Technique

This technique is a good braking technique for vehicles that use drum brakes / buttons by pressing the brake pedal, then releasing it again and again repetitively quickly to make the vehicle speed decreases.

Besides being able to reduce vehicle speed, this technique also serves to prevent tires from locking. To do braking using the Stab technique, training is needed accompanied by someone who is an expert and accustomed to using this technique (expert).

Squeeze technique

Braking using the Squeeze technique is almost the same as braking using the Stab technique, where you need to press the brake pedal, release and then press it again repeatedly but done slowly.

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The Executive Coordinator of the People Developmet Department – CSVC Division, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor, Ben Faqih said that if the braking technique that we do is right, it will make the vehicle stop perfectly so it makes the driver and passenger safer.

“If we use the right braking technique, surely the speed of the vehicle will be controlled and stopped perfectly, making it safer for yourself and others. Now there are many cars that have ABS features in them, but for vehicles that do not have the ABS feature, certainly the right technique is needed so that the vehicle stops perfectly, “explained Ben Faqih.

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Brake Techniques For A Perfect Stop

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