How Often Should You Change Engine Oil

There are still many people who are confused when the right time to change car oil. Some argue that oil must be replaced when the kilometer touches 5 thousand or 10 thousand. Not infrequently people also say that oil must be replaced every 6 months.

When To Change Engine Oil

how often change engine oil

When oil changes should not be considered trivial! When the time comes and the replacement is delayed, the quality of the oil will continue to decline over time. Car engines will be affected so that it becomes damaged.

Oil Change On A New Car

For those of you who have just bought the latest car, it will generally be advisable to change oil when the odometer has shown the 1,000 kilometer figure. Not only that, sometimes you will also be asked by an official workshop to re-change oil when it reaches 2,500 kilometers.

At that time, service fees will not be borne by car owners. Because of this, they are generally still eager to go to the workshop. After the free period has passed, it is not uncommon for car owners to start ignoring their oil conditions.

The Manual Book

A manual will always be included when you make a new car purchase. To find out the exact time of car oil change, read the manual. Generally, oil change times that are often recommended are when it reaches 10 thousand kilometers.

However, many workshops recommend changing oil every 5,000 kilometers due to road conditions that are considered to be abnormal, such as traffic conditions in Jakarta. In traffic conditions, the mileage of the car becomes very small even though the engine continues to rotate which certainly reduces the “age” of oil.

Then how good? Use the date and kilometer in the service note as a benchmark. If the service date has been reached, even if the kilometer has not reached 10 thousand, it is a good idea to make a car oil change.

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Oil Viscosity

The viscosity of oil that you use for your favorite car can actually be a determinant of the time to replace it. This can be seen from the numbers in the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) code printed on the packaging.

This number from the SAE code refers to the level of oil viscosity. If the oil has a code of 20W-50, it means that the oil is not too thick, so that, you have to change the oil in kilometers 3-5 thousand depending on conditions. Meanwhile, if the SAE code shows 10W-40, then the replacement can be done in the range of 7,500 to 10 thousand kilometers.

Change Oil Filters

The quality of car oil can actually be decreased due to forgetfulness of changing the oil filter. Dirt that settles on the filter will eventually accumulate if not replaced. As a result of this, oil cannot circulate properly.

You will generally be advised to replace the filter after changing oil twice. There are also those who argue, if the car is used almost every day and the distance traveled is more than 20 kilometers, the best time to replace it is once every 8 months.

Check Oil Quality

Quite often the last service record is lost or forgot when the last oil change. For second car buyers, sometimes the car that is purchased does not have a service record, so how do you know whether it is necessary to change oil immediately?

To be sure, check the quality of the car’s engine oil. Pay attention if the car oil has changed color. If this happens, then the replacement must be done as soon as possible.

If when checking the oil is black and emits a rancid odor, it indicates that the quality is not suitable for use. The color change itself is generally caused by the condition of the car that has traveled long distances.

Meanwhile, if you find the oil turns into a milky white color with a fairly thick thickness, it means the liquid has been contaminated by water. Such oil discoloration is caused by a problematic engine condition.

How to Choose the Right Oil for Your Car

how to choose engine oil

The oil is used to lubricate the engine so that it does not collide with each other. So that the engine can continue to work smoothly, lest you choose the wrong oil for the car. The consequences are not trivial, you know, because it can make engine power continue to decline.

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Indeed, usually a mechanic in a trust shop will recommend the right type of oil for your car. But, you also have to know what the right oil is for your vehicle. Here goes the full explanation for you.

Understand the Character of the Machine

The simplest way to choose the right oil for a car is to look at the manual book included at the time of purchase. Generally in the book explained about engine specifications and the right type of oil. The most important thing is compatibility with the machine and its quality, not brand!

Oil Viscosity

Although it has the same function, oil cannot protect the engine to the fullest if its contents do not match the character of your car. Usually the difference can be seen from the viscosity of oil fluid. The level of viscosity-grade alias is indicated by the Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) number.

The greater the number behind the SAE code, then it shows a thicker concentration of liquid. For example, oil with SAE code 15W-40. The code shows that viscosity in winter conditions (WAE) is 15 while in the heat of 40.

Oil Content

Car oil can be divided into two types based on the material used. The first type is synthetic oil made from various chemicals with additive properties. Meanwhile the second is mineral oil formed from petroleum extraction, in other words more natural.

Synthetic oil can be used more fully when used for new manufacturer’s cars. The advantages compared to mineral oil are also more numerous, including:

  • The rate of evaporation is lower because it tends to be stable if exposed to high temperatures
  • Resists friction and lubricates the engine better
  • More economical because it is resistant to oxidation
  • Can maintain engine cleanliness because it contains detergent

Avoid Fake Oils

Nowadays so many fake oil on the market. Sometimes this oil is pegged at a relatively cheaper price, but the seller often gives a gimmick that makes you believe. Be careful, recognize the characteristics of fake oil below:

  • Oils are generally clear-colored like palm oil
  • Fake oil is usually more concentrated and dark black in color
  • Fake oil will feel rough when held with both fingers because there is a metal content
  • The smell of fake oil is very rancid as a result of burning marks
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Change Oil Brand

Sometimes there are people who constantly use only a certain brand of oil for their cars. After learning that there is a better brand, he hesitated because he was afraid it might affect the condition of the engine. Can you actually change the brand of oil for cars?

Okay! As mentioned before, brand and price are not the main determinants of the quality of your car’s oil. Most importantly, the oil has the same thickness for this type of engine. Remember! When changing brands, drain the remaining oil so that there is no residual combustion from old oil.

Oil Condition Check

Oil doesn’t just function as an engine oil! There are other uses that you need to know that are as a rust protector, maintaining the stability of the engine temperature, and cleaning and covering the cracks of the engine wall.

Pretty much is not the function? Therefore, after choosing the right oil for your car, don’t forget to check the condition and volume regularly. If not, it is not only the engine that can be affected, it could be that other car components were damaged due to the error.

For those of you who want to buy a used car, checking the condition and volume of the target car engine oil is also very important. You can find out the quality of the engine from the oil condition. One indication of a problematic car engine is if the oil is like sand or has been mixed with water. If you find oil conditions like that, you must be vigilant.

If you need help, our 150+ Inspection Points include checking engine oil condition and volume, so you don’t need to worry anymore and can be sure of knowing the condition of your targeted car oil.

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