Easy Ways to Park Backwards for Beginners

In addition to toll roads, novice drivers also often experience problems when parking. Not only parallel parking, reverse parking is also a concern because it is very rigid.

Reverse parking is considered to be less free in sight, and the experience of novice drivers often causes them harm when doing so.

Reported by Nissan’s official website, if the habit is left to continue like this, it is not impossible for novice drivers to be lazy to learn more.

Easy Ways to Park Backwards

Therefore, Nissan provides a number of reverse parking tips that can be applied, namely:

1. Control the Area by Looking Back

When you park backwards, don’t just rely on the rear view mirror. You may also look back. It’s just that you also have to glance right and left and not in a hurry.

The way is easy enough. Put your right hand in the steering wheel at 12 o’clock. Release your left hand. Turn to the left to see the condition of the parking lot and where you will be moving backwards.

2. Understand the Turn Direction

Knowing the direction of the steering wheel when going backwards will greatly help you move the stern of the car. When you want the car to go right back, the steering wheel must turn right. Likewise, if you want to turn left, the steering wheel must be turned to the left. It might be a little complicated in the beginning. If you often practice backwards, this will not be a problem.

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Just tips when practicing driving backwards, try to drive with the luggage door open. This will make it easier for you to see where the car will move. The more you do this exercise, the more you get used to understanding the car’s movements when going backwards.

3. Use the Brakes to Control Speed

Mastering the use of brakes will help you control the car when parking backwards. For example, when you step on the gas pedal too hard, of course the brakes must be stepped on regularly.

This is important so that later when parking backwards in the parking building there is no occurrence of the wrong pedal that causes the car to reverse and plunge freely downstairs. Get used to the feet to react with each pedal.

4. Don’t Forget to Look Home

It is true that when parking backwards, you must pay attention to the condition of the back of your car. However, this cannot be a reason not to look forward.

You still have to look ahead even though backwards, just like when you have to look at the mirror when driving normally. No need to look for long, just a glance. Still, you must prioritize your main attention on the back.

The front of the car must also be seen. When you turn while backing away, your car’s muzzle may hit something in front. Therefore, when looking forward, also take into account that the muzzle of the car is free from any obstructions as you reverse.

5. Don’t be tense and rush

Relax. Do not rush. Park backwards slowly but surely. Other drivers will immediately understand that you are a novice driver. They certainly understand your driving skills that are far from the word expert.

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Those are some tips that you must know as a beginner driver when parking backwards. Reverse parking can be easily done if you can see the situation around the car well.

This woman was so difficult when going to park her car in a backward position even though there is enough space.

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