Michael Schumacher Remains Witnessing Formula 1 Race

In its heyday, Michael Schumacher was mentioned as the greatest Formula 1 racer of the time.

He won 7 Formula 1 Grand Prix (GP) seasons, in 10 years of his career as a racer in the competition.

The German racer also often makes controversial actions on the racing track, which often makes him get a penalty.

Even Schumacher was disqualified in a 1997 GP season, because he cut in front of Jack Villeneuve’s car at Jerez GP, Spain. As a result Scchumacher’s car tires hit the Villeneuve car. As a punishment, the FIA ​​abolished all the values ​​it obtained in that year.

But that’s the story first, because at this time Schumacher was paralyzed by an accident skiing on December 29, 2013. His brain was damaged, after his head hit the rock.

The German racer must even be made a coma by a doctor, so that his brain has time to recover. Schumacher “slept” for about 96 days, and woke up paralyzed.

After five years, Jean Todt brought good news about this former Ferrari and Mercedes team racer. The former Ferrari team boss said, Schumacher’s condition gradually improved. One proof of the progress is that Schumacher can already watch F1 racing on TV.

“I am always careful with my statement, but this is true, I watched the race with Michael Schumacher at his home in Switzerland,” Todt said, quoted by the Daily Mail.

Even though his condition was paralyzed, the father of F1 driver Mick Schumacher still has a spirit of commitment. At least that’s what Todt saw. “He did not give up and continued to fight,” he said.

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