How Do The Manufacturers Equip A Vehicle To Make It More Secured For Personal Security?

The vehicles that are used for heavy security reasons are either factory made like the popular BMW High Security series, the Lincoln Town Car BPS, Audi A6 or A8 or in most cases the vehicles are customized by integrating the tools and security devices. The cutting edge automobile generation is more prone to remodel the vehicle into a much superior motor. If after attending a defensive driving online you’re confident enough to drive an armored vehicle, make sure you consult the best remodeling company for the job.

Building the armored cars is not a child’s play. It demands a plan, budget, equipment and above all the technical and professional manpower to boost up the motors.

How the cars are powered to be more protective by the manufacturers?

Equip A Vehicle To Make It More Secured For Personal Security?

First of all, the vehicle is chosen to equip and that is mainly done according to the specifications of the customers. Depending on that the car is brought by the armoring company from the fleet service providers of any dealership. After entering the warehouse, everything in the car is stripped off starting from the seats, carpet, headliners, the whole chassis, door panels and everything. It is only the body of the car that is brought from the outside but the inside work is completely redone.

According to a top automobile engineer, armoring a vehicle is the process of cocooning it with a belt of high-hardened ballistic steel that is applied inside the car just like a jigsaw puzzle to make the body tougher than ever to come over withal anticipated attacks. The glasses from the doors and the window are also taken out that was fitted by the original manufacturer. Those glasses are replaced by the bulletproof glasses to enhance the security of the vehicle.

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The chassis work is completely redone. The battery is replaced with a much more advanced and powerful battery that has all the tested potential to work according to the heaviest and the powerful armors that are to be integrated inside the vehicle. In addition to that the brakes are upgrades, advanced fire suspension system is installed, crew seats are remodeled according to the original seats of the model and the Runflat systems including the tires and wheels are also upgraded to make those more secure like rest of the other parts of the car that are changed.

Top car remodeling companies and vehicle manufacturers follow the instructions of their clients when they are asked to manufacture them the armored cars as their personal security vehicles.

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Equip A Vehicle To Make It More Secured For Personal Security?

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